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Opening doors through literacy.

We at SHRI JAIN SHWETAMBER TERAPANTHI SECONDARY SCHOOL welcome all the parents and students. We are giving quality education to the students and strives to give them a very cordial environment while they are in school. We are a group of well qualified and competent staff.

President's Message

The world is changing at very fast pace and therefore it becomes imperative to keep up with its rapidly evolving and dynamic state. Shri Jain Shwetamber Terapanthi Shiksha Samiti was found around 100 Years ago with the vision to produce leaders to tomorrow & committed to breed true Indian values of high moral values, ethics, honesty, compassion, dynamism and entrepreneurship in to our scholars.
Our emphasis has been to provide the students with an environment of learning and committed to equip and prepare them to face the onset of globalization wherein, as entrepreneurs they seek opportunities and move on, yet at the same time hold strongly to their cultural identity.
Our Motto “COMMITMENT FOR EXCELLENCE” reflects our willingness and desire to work hard and to provide quality education to all our scholars. Our academic team is determined to inculcate amongst its scholars the desire to surge ahead individually & collectively.
It is our collective responsibility to nurture and guide our scholars to become true leaders in time to come and take the country to new heights.

Mr. Naresh Kumar Mehta, President

Co-ordinator's Message

We at SJT, determinedly believe that education is the basis of all progress and have been working successfully since April ,2006 to provide comprehensive education for your child, encompassing – academics, co-curricular activities, sports education and life-skills learning. Our aim is to strike a balance between state of the art infrastructure and a nationally and internationally acceptable educational pattern.
We have a talented, dedicated, caring team of staff, each of whom works very hard to ensure that the capabilities of the children in our care are nurtured and carefully developed. We value every child and strongly believe that every child can be an achiever. We act on children’s views to make our school a place that children value and those they want to come to.
Our school is housed in a well planned building, offering world class learning facilities for children and teachers. We have made provision for multiple facilities such as spacious library, Fully Air Conditioned Auditorium, Lush Green Play Ground, Smart Classrooms and Computer, Maths, Science, Arts labs. We also take pride in offering training to our students in skating, basket ball, football, karate, cricket, badminton etc.

Mr. Laxmikant Kothari, Coordinator

Convener's Message

SJT School is an educational association committed to imparting a comprehensive education, enabling young minds to realize their true potential and to take their rightful place in society.The pursuit of excellence has been the trademark of the School since its inception. The students have always performed creditably at various competitive forums and at the Board Examinations. What is equally important is that the values of honesty and discipline, on which the School was founded, continue to be our key guiding principles.In order to achieve your goal, reach the height of excellence, you need to work hard, give up useless things, and prioritize your activities. The saying goes, ’no sweat, no sweet’. It is difficult but not impossible.

The basis of all systems, social or political, rests upon the goodness of men. No nation is great or good because parliament enacts this or that, but that its men are great and good. – A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

May peace and prosperity be yours and all your loved ones.

Mrs. Sadhna Bhutoria, Convener

Principal's Message

Schools today are no longer mere centres of spreading literacy – if a school today encompasses a much wider horizon they are facilitators in the important process of personal growth and development of an individual as a resourceful member of the society.

Knowledge which is acquired under compulsion obtains no hold on mind — Plato
What according to you is the importance of education – Scoring high marks? Certificate acquisition? Honing the skills of rote learning to spew out the crammed information effortlessly?

Unfortunately this is the sole purpose of education being marketed by our system today. Education has to serve the means to open the mind. It has to teach us how to think rather than telling us what to think. This is what we aim to do at The S.J.T. School – implant a seed of inquisitiveness, cultivate a love of learning and groom the child to become an independent thinker and a visionary leader. Effective learning involves creating and solving our own errors. I want our children to go ahead, stretch out enthusiastically to test their limitlessness, not to fear committing mistakes, not to fear encountering failures, for these should be used as stepping stones to move ahead towards fulfillment of their dreams and aspirations.

Our children need to be guided to learn to think, reason, analyse and not follow blindly. Combine the learning with actions, let unavoidable errors impel then to seek greater undertaking. Teachers, parents and guardians need to work together to give our children a platform from which they may learn to open their wings and soar up confidently towards success.

Dr. Nupur Sareen, Principal


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