Curriculum Examination

  1. Students are prepared for the Central Board of Secondary Education Examination.
  2. Regular tests are a feature and attendance is compulsory and final results are declared on the cumulative marks obtained throughout the year. Hence, attendance for all tests and exams is essential.
  3. The pass marks are 40%. Promotion will be given on the basis of marks in theory examination only. A student must pass in each of the five subjects including English.
  4. ON the days when unit tests are held, attendance for the full day is essential. Students will not be permitted to return home even after the unit test is over.
  5. Special arrangements will not be made for student who abstain from the main examination or any part of it for whatever reason & will be awarded zero mark for that particular examination.
  6. A student who uses unfair meaning during in test/examination will be given zero mark for that subject apart from other disciplinary action.
  7. All due fees are required to be paid before commencement of examination.


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