Shri Jain Shwetamber Terapanthi Secondary School

An English Medium Co-Educational School Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi

Our History

The early year experiences play a very crucial role in the overall growth and development of every faculty of a child and hence should be nurtured. The junior school at SJT School is divided into the Kindergarten and the primary classes from grade I to V . The middle school is from grade VI to VIII and the high school from IX to X.

Promote responsible and caring citizenship through a program of community service. Instill a sense of responsibility to promote liberty, justice and protect one’s and others right for common welfare. Enable students to make right lifestyle choices through health, social and adolescent education program.

“Learning gives creativity, Creativity Leads to Thinking, Thinking Provides Knowledge, Knowledge makes you great.”

APJ Abdul Kalam

The School With A Difference

A Great Place For Education.


Cognitive, emotional and physical development is what we nurture at St.Wilfred’s School in our kindergarten classes. Through carefully designed experiences the little souls are taken through curriculum which aims at bringing out the uniqueness of every child at his own pace. The kindergarten programme addresses the whole child emphasizing on every aspect of the personality in its right perspective. The aim is not only to help the child grow into a confident personality but also into an independent and creative mind. To make all this a reality our teachers design experiences that go beyond the learning of phonetics, Mathematics, language arts, etc but also integrate music, dance and movement, drawing and drama very naturally into the curriculum.

The Primary Years

The primary years curriculum focusing on grade I to V takes the whole philosophy of the kindergarten years forward through a programme of learning that builds on the observation and creative abilities of the learners. The introduction of the computers in grade I and II broadens up the horizons of learning. In the Upper Primary years, Grade III to V. the learner begins to use his acquired skills in language and mathematics to take the initiative of learning further. Primary years focus on developing independent learning habits in our students by building their curiosity in their environment. Care is taken by the teacher to ensure group work and peer learning. SJT School believes in using assessment as a tool to understand the learner better rather than judging them.

The Mid School

The Middle School from grade VI to VIII has developed a programme to address the unique learning styles of young students at a crucial stage in their development. It provides a transition from the protective, guided environment of the primary years to the departmentalized high school. It is a programme designed for the unique needs of Middle Grade Scholars. The Middle School works to provide a balance between attention to basics, coverage of necessary skills and knowledge. At this stage students explore a wide variety of interests and experiences. The curriculum is based on a core of courses in English. Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, third language and the arts.


The High School from grade IX to X Prepare students for the CBSE Examination so that students gain admission to prestigious universities of their choice. Foster high academic achievement through the study of a range of subject choices offered. Strengthen students’ effective study skills and high order thinking skills. Encourage students to critically evaluate information. Promote strong communication skills and development of personality. Develop an awareness of the media and competence in computer application. Foster social development, cultural awareness and genuine understanding of other traditions.

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