Extracurricular Activities

Together We Make The Difference

Participation of the students in different extracurricular activities makes them lead an enthusiastic and active life by developing awareness and cultivates such traits of character, as self mastery, discipline, courage and confidence under the able guidance of teachers. The school provides a plethora of activities to bolster the students

This activity offers students an opportunity to explore their inner selves through personal artistic expression. The goal is to educate, support and inspire new young innovators. They create different masterpieces and explore new ideas.The aim of Art and Craft activity at SHRI JAIN SHWETAMBER TERAPANTHI SECONDARY SCHOOL is to allow the Students to experience and enjoy all aspects of art & design e.g. painting, paper Mache, collage, clay work and 3-D modelling.  A studies have proved that regular participation in art activities aids children in developing important skills.

  • Arts and craft activities provide fun and interactive ways for children to naturally learn and remember.
  • Through art, a child can achieve physical developmental milestones in a relaxed, creative and fun environment.
  • Art encourages a child to experiment with different materials and invent new methods and techniques to achieve a certain outcome.

Plays, music, dance, drawings, sports, crafts are the various sections of activities that we focus on. Apart from these we motivate children to participate in debate, speech and recite poems competition. We insist parents to support children in all the extra activities they would love to pursue. “Participation is mightier than winning” is the spirit we want to impart in our glorious children. The future is competitive and only report cards won’t help your children succeed.

  • Improving diligent higher order and critical thinking skills
  • Developing effective speech composition and delivery.
  • Enhancing the ability to structure and organise thoughts.
  • Increasing learner’s confidence, poise, and self-esteem.

The English Poetry Recitation Program is designed to unlock the potential of young people and to encourage them to express their emotions through poetry or speech. Knowledge is the base of great thinking. It is not enough for schools just to teach knowledge without the practice of using knowledge to challenge.

  • This eliminates the fears of public speaking.
  • Self-motivation and the ability to delegate assignments and manage peers.
  • Excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

SHRI JAIN SHWETAMBER TERAPANTHI SECONDARY SCHOOL held a pool party for the students.The poolside was abundantly decorated with balloons, balls and buntings and the children were handed water balloons to play with too.


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