Norms Followed For Fixing Fees

  1. Parent-Teachers Association –
    1. The Parent-Teachers Association is formed by the head of the school. Every teacher and parent of every student in the school is a member of the Parent-Teachers Association and an annual amount of Rs. 50/- is collected from each member of the association.
    2. On formation of the Parent-Teachers Association, a lottery is conducted by drawing a lot of the willing parents to constitute the School Level Fee Committee and a notice of one week before such lottery is given to the member of the Parent-Teachers Association.
    3. The School Level Fee Committee consists of –
      1. Chairperson – Representative of management of the school.
      2. Secretary – Principal of the school.
      3. Member – Three teachers nominated by the management of the school.
      4. Member – Five parents from Parent-Teachers Association.
    4. The term of the School Level Fee Committee shall be for one academic year and no parent member shall be eligible for drawing a lot by lottery within the period of next three years since the expiry of his/her last term as the member of the School Level Fee Committee.
  2. Regulation of fees –
    1. On the formation of the School Level Fee Committee, the management submits the details of the proposed fee along with the relevant record to the School Level Fee Committee for its approval. While giving the approval, the School Level Fee Committee shall have the authority to decide the amount of fee afresh.
    2. After considering all the relevant factors laid down under Section 8, the
      School Level Fee Committee approves the fee. The details of the fee so approved by the School Level Fee committee displayed on the notice board and on the school website.


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